Convolutional sliding windows

Andrew’s and my examples both use 4 filters which is meant for mult-class classification.

You may want to ask yourself this: are you fine-tuning a model? Or are you using the model for prediction.

If you are fine-tuning, then the way Paul mentioned is better than appending a softmax layer to the end, but you need to make sure to specify the correct axis.

If you are predicting, then you need to know whether the model has come with a softmax and if not, you may add a softmax layer to the end but make sure you have set the correct axis to softmax over. I believe with not more than a few trials you will figure out the correct settings. Afterall you don’t have more than 4 axes to choose from :wink:

When it doesn’t come in the straight forward way, it’s time for you to practice what you have learnt to create a solution :wink: