Could I postpone the course when I enrolled?

Could I postpone the course when I enrolled?
Because I saw the assignments, there are due dates.
I have a trip soon. Could I postpone starting the week of the course?

Hello @carlhung! I hope you are doing well.

As long as you have access to the course (by paid membership or financial ad), you can reschedule your course anytime. This will push the assignments’ due dates and will give you full time to take or retake the course.

Enjoy your trip.


how could I reschedule? I finished linear algebra course. I am going to start Calculus course. How could I stop in the middle?

To my knowledge, you cannot pause or stop learning in the middle. But you can reschedule once the deadline has passed by clicking on “Push end date” to restart the course, as shown in below image.

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