Could not compiling the code when submitting

Though I was able to run the whole notebook; there was a problem compiling the code. Details:
name ‘traffic_transform’ is not defined as the attachment below.

Lab ID: qyhnegjk

Hi, @tnathu

Please, Before you submit your notebook make sure to restart the kernel and run all the cells again this will make sure that everything is working correctly and that you didn’t miss anything. this is done by Kernel → restart and run all in the notebook.

Also, double-check your code for the name “traffic_transform” as it might have another name.


Hi Moaz,

Thank you for replying. These are the methods I’ve tried and still get the same error:

  • Restart kernel and run all
  • Update lab to get the latest version
  • Reboot server

Thu Tran


Is this for the MLS specialization? I see StatisticsGen which makes me think this is for the MLOps specialization.

Hi, @tnathu Please mention the right course, as per my knowledge it isn’t in MLS, if you check the course and post in the right community you will surely get the right result very quickly.

My bad, let me repost the question into the appropriate forum