Couldn't call 'get_role' to get Role ARN from role name AmazonSageMaker-ExecutionRole-20220226T130408

I receive the following error while running the notebook from week 1.

All the rest of the notebook runs well and I can finish the tasks (although I cannot see the submit button after I finish the lab).

Any workaround on this?

I got the same error. Anyone can help?

Thank you for your question Anselmo_Ferreira :slight_smile:
This happens before your exercises begin and you shouldn’t have to do anything. As you said you didn’t really have any problems with the rest of the exercises.

What I am maybe more interested in or think is more of a problem is the fact that you cannot see the submit button. Does this problem persist? Can you not submit your solution? If so, can you send a screenshot of that?

Kind regards, Brynjar Geir Sigurðsson

Welcome to the community Josua_Antonius_Naibo :slight_smile:
Your error was the same but you could find the submit button? Or did you not see it either?