Course 1 Week 1 AccessDeniedException

Unable to access Sagemaker, I am getting access denied exception

User: arn:aws:sts::545844280135:assumed-role/voclabs/user2575064=Ramya_Bandla is not authorized to perform: sagemaker:ListDomains on resource: arn:aws:sagemaker:us-east-1:545844280135:domain/* because no VPC endpoint policy allows the sagemaker:ListDomains action

@Ramya_Bandla thank you for the message. I have refreshed your account, please try to access again. If you still will have some issues, please send the printscreen of the error. Thank you!

@esanina I am still having the error and I am not able to upload the screenshot here.

Uploading: Ramya- sagemaker issue.jpg…

@Ramya_Bandla I can’t see the printscreen for some reason. Could you please try to send me it via the email ? Thank you!

I also have this problem w.w can you help me to solve it? @esanina

@henry_liu thank you for the message. I don’t see any error in the code cell that you showed in the printscreen. Could you please email me your notebook ( ) so I can try to find the problem. Thank you!