Course 1 Week 1 Exercise 2

I have both pandas and matplotlib installed from Exercise 1. I do not understand why I am getting this error with the last step of Exercise 2:

ImportError: matplotlib is required for plotting when the default backend “matplotlib” is selected.

Hi @duragility ,

Welcome to PDS, can you restart the kernel and execute the cells? If you are facing this error repeatedly, copy paste the lab link to investigate the error.

Best Regards,
A. Sriharsha

I ran out of the 4-hour time limit. Afterwards, I tried to start a new lab but could not do so. I was first told the account was still being deleted. After I was able to trigger an apparently successful lab start, the system said the credentials were invalid. Is there a way for the system to do a hard shutdown and communicate the shutdown status? I am afraid to click anything now, because based on what I experience last night, if I get into another death spiral, the system may require at least 4 hours to recover.

Hi @duragility,

Sorry to hear about your experience. In general, Once the lab starts, it is available for 4 hours. After the expiration, it will take up to 20 min to clean up resources. Then you can start it again anytime(no daily quota), but it will take 10 to 20 mins longer to load. I hope this helps you.

Best Regards,
A. Sriharsha

All good. Knowing the time frame will help me know when to recheck, so I do not overwhelm the system and end up making things worse. Thank you.

Did it work after restart? if not please uninstall pandas and matplotlib both. and then:

First install Matplotlib
Secondly install Pandas.

it should work then.


I figured out the ordering was important. The first cell should be fixed, so learners can be set up for success.