Course 1 Week 1: Grading Error - 0 Points on SQL Query


I submitted the assignment for course 1 week 1, but after the grading completed, it says that I received 0 points for the SQL Query part of the assignment.

This is in error, as the results of my query statement are exactly the same as the expected answer written in the comments by the notebook creator.

I attempted to restart the kernel, rerun all the cells and regrade, but had the same grading result.

Hi @Etucks, welcome to discourse!

I recommend you revise your query in the COUNT() part. Hint: you should be consistent with your AS new_column_name. You have al the hints in the question also: "… Please use the column sentiment in the COUNT function and give it a new name count_sentiment ".

Please try again and let us know. :wink: I hope it helps!