Course 1 week 1 practice

Can someone help me correct this code, please? et why it says syntax error? On the database name

you have a mismatched parenthesis.

Thank you @Julie_Qi
Yes, I did! I fixed that but not I don’t know why it says invalid syntax ‘overwrite’

It is pointing at the word database in the syntax error, which is the first syntactic “token” on that line. That still probably means there is something wrong on the previous line, e.g. a missing close paren or some other form of incomplete syntax.

One other thing to note: you filed this thread under Course 1 of the Deep Learning Specialization (DLS). I’m very familiar with the material in DLS Course 1 and this does not look at all familiar to me. I’m guess you meant to post it someplace else. You’ll have better luck getting anwers if you post them in the relevant category. Note that you can move this rather than recreating it by simply using the little “Edit Pencil” on the title of the thread.

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It looks like you are specifying a list of arguments to a function there, so you need commas between the lines, right?

Yes, You’re right @paulinpaloalto
Sorry for the late reply. I should have posted this on The AWS course, Thanks for reminding me of that.

Right! I forgot the commas.