Course 1 week 3 Quiz 10


  1. In The previous Network we have m=2 , Why Z1 and A1 are Not Snape (4,1) ?
  2. Is there de possibility That the random.randn()=np.zeros() if yes what can we do, if no why
    Thank you

Hi @Christophe I am no sure what you refer that “the previous Network we have m=2”. Z and A are quantities that are computed not in the single input sample but over a set of them. About question 2 I don’t understand, can you exaplain it a bit more?

In question 9 we have only X=(x1,x2).T.Does That means That n=2 and m=1…?

Hi here please consider that you need to take into account that these quantities are computed over a set of examples of the input…

In question 9 W and b are quesitoned while in 10 A and Z are the object of the question. Not sure which kind of parallelism you are highlighting between 9 and 10. Hope this help you.

I did not get any feedback for my answer on question 10, week 3 quiz.
Here’s my answer:

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