Course 2 Week 3 programming assignmentKernel keeps dying when running exercise 5 of Week 3

Hello! I am having an issue where the kernel keeps dying whenever I try to run exercise 5 code. Despite attempting to restart and run it again, I have not been successful.

Thank you in advance!


Have you added any print statement in a loop or something?
Actually, we are also facing this issue but in course 4. I didn’t check for course 2. Kindly check your code to confirm whether it is a system memory issue or some bug in your code.



I did not add any print statement in any of the loop codes. The issue started specifically in exercise 5. And, even after attempting to restart the kernel, reboot the server, and update the lab, I am still encountering the same error.


Then may be this is the memory issue. You may try again after some time. But you can submit your assignment without running any code. Grader don’t need to see the output of your code.

By the way, what is this Ex.5? Right now, I am away from my computer and cannot check the assignment file.


Exercise 5 of week 3 programming assignment is about implementation of forward propagation.

This error shows when I submit the assignment

[ValidateApp | ERROR] nbgrader encountered a fatal error while trying to validate ‘submitted/courseraLearner/W3A1/Tensorflow_introduction.ipynb’

There seems to be a rash of “dying kernel” issues recently. We don’t have a definitive fix for this.


Any update on this?

Thank you!

I don’t know any additional information on this.
It seems to be a Coursera problem, not DLAI.