Course 2,Week2,Quiz-increase or decrease the β

i want to know when i increase or decrease the β,the red line will move to right?
though i have finished this quiz, i have this question.why the red line will move?

v_t = \beta v_{t-1} + (1-\beta)\theta_t

Look at the extremes first. What happens to the terms in the equation for v_t if \beta = 0 ? If \beta = 1 ? How does the plot reflect that?

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i think the condition, if β=0, vt = θt, the plot will like ——, but why the plot will move to right.
sorry , i really can’t understand it. Because the days is fixed, i think the plot will up and down , and not left or right

Suggest review the video [] especially at the 4:00 mark

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