Course 3 availability

Dear course staff,

I’ve already finished the first two courses in the MLops specialization and am eagerly waiting for the next courses.
Can you please help me with a more specific timeline of when course #3 might start in June? I need to know this because my subscription runs out on June the 21st, and I hope to finish the course by then, thereby saving on my subscription costs.


I have also found that course 3 is not open. I wonder if they will suspend the monthly subscription fee until it is ready?

@tbucci1 I don’t think they do, I did it myself.

@AmmarMohanna Do you know when it will be unlocked?

Course 3 is expected for June 2021
Course 4 is expected for August 2021

Seriously? This is not good. Considering there is a monthly subscription - they sold the specialization and the courses are not actually available to the users? Who did this?

Dear @tbucci1,
Hope all is well with you.

Let me first explain that I am not responsible for this. I am just a paying student, just like you. But, it was well explained in the social media (Linkedin, Twitter…) and Coursera posts that only the first two courses are available, and this is a standard practice by (it happens often and it is well explained).

For me, I paid for the first month, finished MLOps C1 and C2, and freezed my payment. I will wait until the other two courses are available (late august probably) and repay 40 euros for a month of subscribtion to finish those.



Ammar, I did not imply that you were responsible. Further, there is no message presented at the time of purchase when the terms and conditions must be communicated. Simply because it is something that has become routine at this company, does not mean it is ok. It is deceptive, to advertise an entire specialization, where only 2 of 4 courses are in production, imply that the user can complete at their own pace, charge a monthly subscription, and then hold the courses for months so that the company can incur additional fees. This is absolutely wrong, very unethical (in my opinion).


To be more clear, no one has offered a discount or to freeze the subscription. Instead they deny the situation entirely. This is often the case with the coursera helpdesk.

Their response to me was to say that I already have the certification.

Hey @tbucci1, @teja I completely understand where you are coming from.

We create courses one after the other in a specialisation, not all at the same time. While we launch the first 2 Courses, the time between them and the next course is used to take the first draft of the next course and iteratively work on it until it becomes quality work. We don’t haste the production of our courses as we want to provide the best learning experience, the best quality and the best material for our learners to learn from, something that they can benefit immensely from. Creating these courses takes time.

The next courses of this specialisation are currently in the development stage, and as @AmmarMohanna mentioned, and I’d like to correct him, Course 3 will launch at the end of June 2021 and Course 4 will launch, tentatively, in September 2021.

If there’s anything course content related, I’d love to help you out with it. But for everything else, I’d have loved to help you out, but unfortunately those things are out of our jurisdiction, so to say. They fall under Coursera’s umbrella.

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I’d say the content for the most part has been good.

I just don’t like the idea of being charged a monthly fee for no content at all.

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As an update, I received another message from helpdesk suggesting I cancel the subscription until the courses are available. I will look into that. I think this forum helped as I didn’t have to argue with them as usual for 15-30 emails. Thanks again and take care.

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Thank you @Mubsi for correcting me and for explaining the whole idea.

@tbucci1, I think this is a good idea. Glad things cleared up.

Updates from Course3 will be available on 30-June