Course 4 week 1 assignement 1 conv_forward


I have been trying to get the loop right, I print the shape of

I get
(3, 3, 4)
(3, 3, 4)
until it crashes because I get (3, 2, 4)
(3, 3, 4)
could you please help? do not knwo what to do else but paste my code tks:

[code removed - moderator]

Calculations of vert / horiz variables are incorrect.

Thank you

I have set the horizontal and vertical start and end similarly:

[code removed - moderator]

but still get a mismatch:-(

If conv_single_step is correct, please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

Tks all sorted;-) my output dimension calculation was missing a parenthesis! Tks again