Course 4 week 1 train

When I try to complete my course 2 week 1 practice, I lost my connection with aws first. And I try to refresh my webpage, after that I try to re-open the practice aws page. BUT I got one error:
" Amazon Web Services Sign In

The credentials in your login link were invalid. Please contact your administrator.

To logout, click here"
Could anyone help me to figure out how to solve this?

That is a new one to me. My guess is that it is some kind of transient server error. I’d just open the notebook again, then click:

  1. Kernel → Restart and Clear Output
  2. Save
  3. Submit Assignment

and see if that works. If not, the next step would be to logout of your Coursera account and log back in again and then retry the above sequence.

Please let us know what happens when you try those things.

Oh, sorry, maybe I didn’t read your message carefully enough the first time. If you are saying you got that error just trying to run the notebook, then you don’t need to do the “Submit Assignment”. Just try to open the notebook again. If that doesn’t work, do the “logout/login” and then try again.

Thank you for your reply.
unfortunately, I cannot open the AWS sagemaker webpage. I follow the intuition of practice, “start lab” —> “AWS”. then I got the error in my first post.

I try to logout/login my coursera account, It is still not working.
And one more question, the Cloud Access (after start lab ) still account lab time, But I cannot connect with the AWS webpage.

Ah, sorry, I think you must have filed this in the wrong category. I thought you were talking about DLS Course 4, but we do not use SageMaker or AWS directly. I think you must be talking about MLEP or one of the other specializations, so I don’t know the answer. I only know about DLS.

You should move this thread to the correct category by using the little “edit pencil” on the title of the thread. If you can’t figure out how to do that, please reply and tell me the name of your course and I’ll move it for you.

I appreciate your help.
Thank you very much.
BTW, I solve this problem with restart my computer again :sweat_smile: