Course 4 - Week 2 Assigment 2 - Submission Error 0%

Note that only the course staff (e.g. Mubsi) have the superpower to examine or reset anyone else’s notebooks. The mentors are just fellow students and we can’t do anything with other peoples’ notebooks.

But the good news is that you can reset it yourself. There are instructions in the very first topic on the DLS FAQ Thread. If this is your first time visiting that thread, it’s worth making a quick scan to see what all is covered there in addition to this pont.

One other caveat: the notebook name you quote is from MLS, not from DLS. This thread is in the DLS Course 4 subcategory. I have no experience with MLS, so I don’t know if the same properties of the grader being sensitive to added cells applies there as well. But note that a lot of the topics on the DLS FAQ Thread are generic and apply to MLS as well. In particular the “get a clean copy” procedure applies to any of the courses that use the Jupyter Notebooks.