Course 4 week 3 Unet

After the assignments submitted several times(still got zero), the page is 404 not found.
And I use the help buttom, but nothing changed.
the LAB id is qlnesomm
Could anybody can help me with that?

Thank you in advance

Hi @caroline9895 ,
This is posted in the Course 3, but your question refers to Course 4. Maybe this is the reason for which you got no reply so far.
I have seen that your issue is not only yours, there is an announcement I can see at the moment in this forum with this message, which should be helpful for you:
Hey everyone,

We are aware that the graders for some of the assignments of course 4 are malfunctioning, which includes assignments of W2, W3A2 and W4A2. We are trying our best to get them fixed, but it might take a while. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Please follow this thread for updates regarding it.

Thank you for being patient!

UPDATE: W3A2 - Image Segmentation with U-Net has been fixed. Read the thread for more information.

While we work on updating the auto graders for the rest of the assignments (W2 & W4A2), we recommend that you save your existing work on your local machine in case you lose access to it later.