Course 4 week 4 - dawn ai

Looking at neural style transfer,(NST) I cannot help but think about For anyone who does not know dawn ai. Dawn ai, basically takes the input of images and generates fantastic different image versions from your input according to your desires.

For instance, you could generate animated images of high quality from this application.
My point of discussion is this application looks like the application of NST. To that effect, I tried uploading a image as a style and a normal picture of myself as the content image. The results I obtained were not close to quality.

Does anyone know if does use NST and possibly what other algorithms they use?

Note: I am just curious about how it works. I already looked on google but nothing really informative is coming from there.

Hi Akingbeni_David,

It may well be a diffusion model, such as used by Lensa AI.

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