Course 5 w4 unq_c7 'outd' value error

Error: AssertionError(‘Wrong values in outd’)

I am getting this error in the unq_c7 cell but the test cases in other cells are passing. Please help.

What is the expected value in the unit test? The latest revision fixed outd value, the new one is:

    assert np.allclose(outd[1, 1], [-0.26879537, -0.9024167, -0.51610225, 1.6873143]), "Wrong values in outd"

If it’s different, please refresh your workspace to get new version.

Are you sure this one is the most recent one? I tried refreshing my workspace multiple times but I still have these values:

assert np.allclose(outd[1, 1], [-0.2715261, -0.5606001, -0.861783, 1.69390933]), “Wrong values in outd”

The notebook is updated a couple of times after May 27. Refresh your workspace to get latest version, if in any doubt.