Course 5: Week 1: Music inference model - different results

I have passed the grader but the predictions are very different. the music generated also seem to be quite poor.

np.argmax(results[12]) = 83 np.argmax(results[17]) = 0 list(indices[12:18]) = [array([83]), array([72]), array([84]), array([47]), array([10]), array([0])]

Expected (Approximate) Output :

  • You should very likely observe a sequence of indices that are not all identical. Perhaps with the following values:
np.argmax(results[12]) = 26
np.argmax(results[17]) = 7
list(indices[12:18]) = [array([26]), array([18]), array([53]), array([27]), array([40]), array([7])]

Your results are not unusual. The music generated is not very high-quality, due to a lack of training time.