Course 5 Week 2 Ass 1

Out of Memory Error – Please Help
I printed outputs to study the various steps. Unfortunately, there is output I printed that is within a loop, and I get an error message that it is out of memory.
I try reloading, refresh, kernel restart and clear output. Reboot server. Close down my computer and restart. I saw that the ipynb file for that lab is over 100MB after I last ran the program. Every time I restart it automatically loads this file. And would not be able to completely reload the file. How can I delete this file and start with the other version (smaller version) I have saved?

This is probably an error in your code, not a problem with the kernel or server.

Generally this means either your code contains an infinite loop, or your code is allocating excessive memory repeatedly on each iteration, and is running out of resources.

It’s likely that your code includes some statements that are outputting data to the console (like some diagnostic print() statements you may have added.

You’ll have to use the Help menu in the notebook to download a new copy, and start over.


Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

Yes, it did happen due to the print statements I added (in a loop) that are outputting lots of data to the console that flood the memory.

I managed to refresh my workspace by using the tips provided on how to refresh your workspace and managed to rename the file and replace it with an earlier version.

It is working now. :slight_smile:

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