course1/week3/A2 value

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

t_X, parameters = forward_propagation_test_case()
A2, cache = forward_propagation(t_X, parameters)
print("A2 = " + str(A2))

A2 = [[0.49993903 0.50002176 0.50002679]]
Expected output

A2 = [[0.21292656 0.21274673 0.21295976]]

whats problem?

You are re-initializing the values every time instead of retrieving them from the parameters dictionary as the instructions tell you to do. That is logically incorrect. Also if that was your goal, you could achieve it more simply by calling the initialization function that you already wrote. But doing it either way means you’ll never make any progress with forward propagation: you’d be starting over from scratch on every iteration. I hope it’s clear why that is not what was intended.

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