Course2 Week 2 exercise 6

I am unable to figure out where exactly am i getting the error cuz i cross-checked the formula it correct.

Please click my name and message your notebook an an attachment.

Or you could also take another look at your code. The whole point of \epsilon in this calculation is to avoid “divide by zero” errors. So it looks like perhaps you have problems with “order of operations” that causes the \epsilon value not to perform its intended function. Have a careful look at your code and compare to the formula. Notice that \epsilon is in the denominator, but is not under the square root.

Thanks for the notebook.

Here are some hints:

  1. v_corrected is incorrect. The denominator is 1 - {\beta_1}^t. Do take evaluation order into consideration when not using brackets.
  2. Following a similar line of reasoning, s_corrected needs rework.

Hope this helps.

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