Course3 week3 assignment - domain already exists, user pool does not have associated domain

I was able to access the lab today (as expected, it does not allow me to enter same day, but next day it works), and ran through the code, receiving the message:
Amazon Cognito user pool domain groundtruth-user-pool-domain-1652884040 already exists

This is the first time I see this message.
Later I receive this error message when creating the workforce:
ClientError: An error occurred (ValidationException) when calling the CreateWorkforce operation: Your Cognito user pool does not have an associated domain. Use the Cognito CreateUserPoolDomain operation to add a domain to your user pool.

Any ideas? Why would the domain exist from previous lab session, but the user pool is not associated? and nothing else seems to already exist, but the domain? using the same code?

I notice there seem to be a lot of issues posted on here with this assignment, and I seem to be getting different results with the same code… perhaps the service is not stable?

I see the issue - there was a typo in the function name to create the domain. It simply returned the exception.

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Could you elaborate on this? Im having the same issue