DataSet for SMB Engineering and Analysis

Hi, I am looking for SMB data that I can use for a Project from data fetch to maipulation, storage local and DW, BI and then ML and AI. I would like everything from sales, sourcing stock, warehousing, logistics and relevant financial. Does such a public resource exist?
Kind thoughts

Can you define your terms? You’re more likely to get useful help if people understand what you’re asking about.

Thanks Tom. I am looking for a Dataset that I can use to develop models for ML and AI for a small business. The data should cover typical business functions, Sales, Ordering, Stock, Invoicing, Logistics, Operations

Thanks for the explanation. I’m not aware of any such data set. However you can look online at some of the free repositories, like the “UCI Machine Learning Repository”. There is an immense amount of data available.

I’m not sure how much AI work has been focused on those areas of business management, though.

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Ta Mate, appreciate that