Dead Kernel error

Here is the piece of code for : " The code below sets a_S to be the tensor giving the hidden layer activation for STYLE_LAYERS ."

Assign the input of the model to be the “style” image

preprocessed_style = tf.Variable(tf.image.convert_image_dtype(style_image, tf.float32))
a_S = vgg_model_outputs(style_image)

Compute the style cost

J_style = compute_style_cost(a_S, a_G)

I am getting dead kernel issue while running this code. Is this the wrong code

Hey @atharvapatilap27 , make sure you are reshaping a_G and a_S correctly in ex 3. Don’t just focus on “all tests passed”, but also look at, are your outputs matching the expected outputs ?

Thank you so much mubsi. It worked.

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