Deep Learning and Computational Neuroscience

What role does Deep Learning plays in understanding the core fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience? What areas of this field have heavy application(s) of Deep Learning models?

Can you state what these core fundamentals are?

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I think you can read the wiki to bring yourself up to speed, and please search for more relevant articles if needed, for example, this nature article gave an overview which should draw your attention to Spiking Neural Network which will become another lead to follow on.

You need to do more reading and intensive reaearch into the matter, and it can takes days to weeks but after that, hopefully you will be able to ask more relevant questions.

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Hi @rmwkwok sure, I’ll do my research work and then ask more relevant questions. Thanks a lot for providing me with the resources, I’ll go through them!

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Anatomy of a neuron
Dynamics of a neural network

The development, organization, information processing, and mental functions of the nervous system.

The principles and mechanisms guiding the above processes.

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Artificial neural network units have very little similarity with biological neurons.

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Probably this :point_down: response will give you some information you are looking for.


Hi @Deepti_Prasad thank you for sharing such a rich and elaborate information with me, I revere you for this. Yes, the learning hunger is insatiable indeed when it comes to the amalgamation of neurosciences with AI, stay blessed! :smile:

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