Difficulty to conceptualize coding in Keras

I started course 2 of the specialisation. Coding in Course 1 was somewhat easy since it was using basic python. However once keras started i am finding it difficult to understand the codes… Kindly suggest me a resource that start with very basics of coding a layer using Keras.

A quick internet search turned up this:

Francois Chollet the creator of Keras runs a blog and documentation about Keras.
Here’s the: Code examples section

Hi Manul,

we are in similar stage into learning machine learning. I also had the same problem with tensorflow’s strange syntax. I then completed google’s free crash course on machine learning. Their coding labs and assignments are in tensorflow. It helped me to better understand some of the basic concepts of ML as revisions are always good. After completing that crash course, Andrew’s labs on neural networks were also easier(not easy :smiley: ) to follow.