DLS Course 1, Week 3, Exercise 8- assertion error

@Victoria_Chan It looks like either you didn’t get the updated notebook or maybe you just renamed your previous version back to the “standard” name. That doesn’t work. They made some subtle changes that you miss when you do that. The most important one is that they commented out the setting of the random seed in the initialize_parameters function and moved that logic to the test block for that function. As a result of that change, you get different answers when you run the nn_model_test cell. But they forgot to change the “expected values” shown in the text. So the mere fact that your shown W1 values agree with those shown proves that you have the old code.

You’ll need to do the “Get a fresh copy” procedure documented on the FAQ Thread for the notebook. Then carefully “copy/paste” just your solution code in the “START HERE/END HERE” blocks. Don’t copy over the whole function text or you’ll be duplicating your mistake.

In the meantime, I will file a bug about the fact that the “expected values” are wrong, which probably means we’ll all have to do this “copy/paste” exercise again sometime in the next 24 hours. Sigh …