DLS Course 2, Week 2, quiz, zero weights initialize

Hi There!

I’ve passed the Quiz but get an error in the question #9 (how to prevent that cost function is decreasing too long). Quiz says that answer “Try initializing all the weights to zero” should be selected, but why? Isn’t this gonna stuck in unbroken nodes symmetry as it was mentioned in the previous Course? It looks like a bug.

Oh, it seems that I just didn’t select another correct answer. I’ve been confused that this

appeared under the correctly unselected answer.

Right! It’s a bit subtle at first, but you can recognize the questions that are “select all that apply” by the fact that the checkboxes are squares instead of circles, as on the ones that only have one correct answer. They usually imply that in the wording of the question as well, but there’s the shape as the clue in case you miss the wording.