DLS Course 4 U-net assignment passed all test cases but grader complained


In my u-Net assignment, all three functions “conv_block”, “upsampling_block” and “unet_model” are passed all test cases, there are no errors at all, especially there are no errors in the Concatenate layer; but grader found one test case that these functions are not working correctly in the Concatenate layer. Please provide the test case that is similar to the grader test case so I can fix the error. I have checked the codes in these three functions and I could not find the error at all.
I paste the exact feedback from the grader as follows.
“Code Cell UNQ_C3: Unexpected error (ValueError(‘A Concatenate layer requires inputs with matching shapes except for the concat axis. Got inputs shapes: [(None, 24, 32, 256), (None, 12, 16, 256)]’)) occurred during function check. We expected function unet_model to return unet_model test 1 failed. Please check that this function is defined properly.
If you see many functions being marked as incorrect, try to trace back your steps & identify if there is an incorrect function that is being used in other steps.
This dependency may be the cause of the errors.”

Thanks very much for your help in advance.

Hi Respecting Mentors,

Please help me with this issue. Thanks very much in advance.

Hi Mentors and QA Team,

  • Arka Mitra
  • Andrew Steckley
  • Ana Rosa Castillo
  • Ammar Mohanna
  • Anubhav Kumar
  • Reinoud Bosch
  • Chris Moroney
  • Paul Mielke

Arturo Polanco
Mubsi Khawar

There is an issue with the grader: while I am working to fix the issue, the updated code is tested and passed all the test cases, then I submit the assignment. But the grader give 0 mark and I do not know what the errors are to fix. The comment from the grader is in the extract as follows:
Cell #8. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: AssertionError(‘Error in test’)

Hi All,

The issue has been fixed as I updated the conv_block exactly as required.