DLS - Wrong ordering of study material

DLS Staff,
It had been already reported, but in everyweek section found more and more (I think its all over places of DLS), as Clarification reading is after video (should be before video)

Please find SS


Hey @kdsharmaai,
We have reported this to the Coursera team, and they have updated it for the future revision of the course. However, I believe in order to get the future revisions, the deadlines need to be reset. Additionally, it might be possible that somethings can only be modified in major updates, which can’t be done every now and then.

Apologies for the inconvenience. I would suggest you to go through the menu first so that you can know where clarification notes are present, and go through them before the lecture videos, till the time this issue is fixed. Once again, thanks for your feedback.