Do I need to attend the Math specialization course for ML?

Also can any one show me the correct path to learn ML and DS. Currently I am attending a ML course on udemy and I have gained some good knowledge about ML and python program regarding ML but I need to learn more so I found coursera a great platform to specialize in ML as well as DS. So please guide me as well as share me any free resources from web.

AI Engineer Roadmap 2024.pdf (466.1 KB)
please check the complete roadmap designed by codebasic, its very comprehensive guideline and help you to proceed step by step.

S.Imran Murtaza . A


I just needed to say that this is an absolutely fantastic roadmap! Everything is so clearly laid out and builds upon previous learning. I will be using this to stay organized while I review my existing texts and dive deeper into ML.

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Thank you so much brother :raised_hands: