Doubts on C1W1 Lab work

I need more clear understanding about how to go on working lab 1 project. Do I need to edit the codes and modified them as per the requirements?

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Yes, whichever course you are taking you are supposed to be gilling code solutions between these comments:



Don’t touch the rest of the code!

Please move your thread to the correct forum for the course you are attending. You can do this using the “pencil” icon in the thread title.

Hi @Billoh_Gassama

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What course are you attending?

Thanks all for your feedback. I have enrolled into a Coursera course on Course Analyze Datasets and Train ML Models using AutoML and I am currently in week one Lab to register and visualize datasets.

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Is this part of the “Practical Data Science” course?

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I’ll move your query to the proper space


Yes it is

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