EagerTensor not defined

When running the Wk2 assignment (ResNets50) directly in the Coursera environment, I get errors that don’t seem to depend on what I am doing. For instance, when testing Exercise 2, Convolutional block, I get

→ 15 assert type(A) == EagerTensor, “Use only tensorflow and keras functions”
16 assert tuple(tf.shape(A).numpy()) == (3, 2, 2, 6), "Wrong shape. "
17 assert np.allclose(A.numpy(), convolutional_block_output1)
NameError: name ‘EagerTensor’ is not defined

Kindly help me understand where the problem is

Can you check if from tensorflow.python.framework.ops import EagerTensor is in the import statements? If it is, then this error should not happen.