Emojify Lab help needed

I’m having multiple problems in the emojify lab.

In the first exercise; the line avg = np.zeros((50,)) gives a broadcast error that I haven’t been able to solve. I tried to reshape the later arrays, or I even tried out different shapes for the avg array, but none of these work.

In the third exercise, I’m getting a KeyError: '$' when trying to add values to a dictionary. Please advice on how to solve them.

Please share your full error of exercise 1. And, never proceed to the next exercise until you solve the previous one, as the next exercise may call the previous one.

Do I dm you the issue, or send the code with the solution here?

Share the error you got here.

I found the error. I had accidentally deleted a previous statement that was needed to initialize the value of avg.

I am glad you solved it on your own.