Error in assigment

Looks like is empty, must have gotten erased during some update

Hey @someone555777,
If the test-case has been really removed mistakenly during some update, then it would create an issue for a lot of learners.

Can you please confirm if the issue is still present, by obtaining the latest version of your notebook, instructions here. If it is, then I would raise a concern with the team on an urgent basis.


I have the same error looks like some changes have been made to this file and the file now is empty

there might me something wrong with this latest update

Hey @someone555777 and @Omar_Faisal_Sorour,
You guys are correct indeed. The unit-test file indeed is empty. I am not sure, how this has happened although. Thanks a lot guys for pointing out the error in the grader. I will add a staff member in the loop to get it resolved on an urgent basis.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and your patience is appreciated.


Hi @someone555777, @Omar_Faisal_Sorour, @freefrancisco,

Thank you for reporting this. All of the relevant files have been added/updated on Coursera. Everything should work now.



Thank you so much for your prompt action really appreciate your efforts!

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