Error in two_layer_model week 4 Assignment 2

I’m continuously getting error in two_layer_model in 2 layer neural network . Can anyone help me to figure out ?

Well, the error message is pretty clear, don’t you think? It is telling you that the “return” statement in the two_layer_model function is returning more than 2 separate values. That is an error. That must mean you modified that statement, which was part of the template that was given to you. Please show us that return statement. It’s ok to publish that since it’s not code you wrote (or were not supposed to write anyway).

Now it os showing name error , But I had already declared train_x

That probably means you have not run the earlier cells in the notebook. Just having the code sitting there does nothing: you have actually run it every time you reopen the notebook. Try “Cell → Run All Above” and then run your test cell again.