Error in W3 assignment and cannot access it anymore


The first time I tried to submit my W3 assignment I got my workers stuck in ’ ImagePullBackOff’ status for a long time, so I ended the lab and shutdown. Today I was accessing again but I got a cookies error. I emptied cache, deleted cookies and now when I click on “open tool” I cannot get the temporary account anymore but only my personal one.

I had completed everything and I got all of these problems for a bug, how can I solve it?


Hi Frank! Welcome to Discourse! I suggest using the Qwiklabs support channels since they can grant you the extension from their end.

Before that, you may want to search for similar threads just in case other learners have encountered the same issue re: the status being stuck in that section. As far as I know, the main thing to get right in this lab is to set theimage and args correctly in the YAML file. I hope what you encountered was indeed just a temporary bug and it would pass once you retry.

Hope this helps!

The problem is that when I click “Open Toll” I got the notebook open with my personal account and I don’t have access anymore to the generated account

Hmmm… I’m not sure what you mean. Can you post a screenshot of what you see after you open the tool? Please do so from Incognito mode to make sure your personal account is not affected. Maybe you will also find this guide useful, particularly steps 4 and 5. Hope it helps!

Okay this is the thing. As soon as I clicked open tool, I had the notebook opened with the qwiklabs temporary credentials. Now I’m logged with my personal account but I cannot login with the previous one because I don’t remember neither the strange email nor the password. I’ve uploaded a screen to let you see what I mean.

Hi Frank. That is the expected behavior for that landing page. That only contains the instructions and the lab will be opened in a separate tab.

You will get the credentials when you click Start Lab on the left. You will then click Open Google Console then login using those temporary credentials. In that new tab, you should not be logged in with your personal account but with the strange email given.

These are also written in the instructions of that page in your screenshot. Just scroll down a bit and it should be under the heading Setup and Requirements.

Hope this clarifies it!