Error on last question in first deep NN lab

Hello @AmrTamer,

If you check out the code for update_parameters_test (which you can, by opening the file), you will see that the first two tests check for the types and the shapes of the variables returned by your function, while the third test checks for the values of the variables. Here, the values are the problem, and so it is going to be how your code had computed them.

There are two common issues in this exercise:

  1. not following the hint:

  2. used w -= instead of w = w - in updating the weights. Check this out for more explanation.

Since the parameters for the test are available in, another way to see where can go wrong is to print the values of any intermediate variables out, and cross check the results with your hand calculations. In this way, you cannot miss it. Btw, the calculations are not very difficult.

Good luck!