Errors - Assignment

I got following errors when I am using the command ‘strategy’ and ‘callback’

When I am updating the TFJob manifest I receive the following error

After running the command ‘kubectl get pods’ nothing happens

Hi Mark! The strategy and callback are already written in the file. The code is shown in the instructions for reference but you will not be copy-pasting it in the command line. For the TFJob manifest, you will need to edit it using a text editor. As mentioned in the instructions:

Use your preferred command line editor or Cloud Shell Editor to update the image field with a full name of the image you created and pushed to your Container Registry in the previous step.

The editor can be accessed in the toolbar of the Cloud Shell:

You can then use the commands mentioned in that part of the instructions to know what to put in the image and args of the YAML file. If done correctly, the get pods command should only take a couple of minutes to show Running. Hope this helps!