Errors while creating the pipelines

hello, while performing the steps in the lab, I got some error messages I can’t resolve under section 7.1.
I run the first (long) block of code fine. No error messages. However, the next ones are failing. Pls. see attached.

Hey @baristiryaki,

Please try running the code with cells in order and then report only the first one that produces the error with the complete error message. In the screenshot, you shared the cells are run out of order. Furthermore, it is hard to understand what the problem is if only a part of the error message is seen.

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I am also experience the same issue. This is what I have in Ex 6

And when I get to executing 7.1, I get the same error that there is no training job.

Hi @ayk11

Although that might be a bit confusing, you can safely ignore that warning.

I’ll communicate this to the development team.