Establishing a baseline level of performance - small inaccuracy in slides

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I’m not sure how to report this but I’ll try it here (feel free to let me know where I should report it).
I would like just to point out a small inaccuracy on the last slide. In the example of high bias & high variance, the training error should be 15% instead of stated 10.5%.

Thank you very much for these courses, they are great.

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Hello Dominik,

This is the right place. However, can you either tell me which video & what timestamp is it, or which slide number from the C2_W3.pdf in this file?


Hi Raymond,

it’s the page 30 in the pdf file you provided, but there is already correct number (15%). I realised that the wrong number is only in the video lecture (see enclosed screenshot)

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Hi Dominik,

I have passed it on to the course team. Thank you for your help!