Ethical implication of AI

What is the PoV to eliminate biases in using AI ?


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Addressing biases in the use of AI requires a multifaceted perspective that encompasses various aspects of development and deployment. One crucial aspect is the collection and preprocessing of data. Ensuring diversity and representation in the dataset is vital to avoid perpetuating existing biases. Thoroughly examining the data for potential biases stemming from historical inequalities or underrepresented groups is a fundamental step. Employing data preprocessing techniques, such as re-sampling and data augmentation, can also help mitigate these biases.

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To eliminate biases in using AI, adopting a multi-stakeholder and inclusive Point of View (PoV) is crucial.
This involves involving diverse perspectives from various backgrounds in AI development, data collection, and model training. Regular audits, transparency in algorithms, and continuous refinement are also important steps to address and mitigate biases.

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I think the issue of ethics in AI is complex enough that we still don’t have much idea how best to deal with it. Not only with regard to the replacement of workers, for example, ams, but also how tools can, for example, use sensitive information, and even disseminate it without authorization. In the medical area where I work, this is a major concern, as the teams themselves tend to disseminate information through digital means without the necessary data security.

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I completely concur. The intricacies of AI ethics, encompassing job displacement and data privacy, persist. Within fields like medicine, the imperative of secure data sharing looms large. Collaborative efforts among experts are vital for resolution. Additionally, determining ethical boundaries is intricate due to diverse cultural perspectives.

Another problem I see is the sharing of data often inappropriately. People think that, because it is more “impersonal”, information from AI can be shared with less care. This is very dangerous, especially with regard to future legal issues.