Excited but a bit intimidated

I am curious about what’s involved in a generative AI Project and how a retail business might incorporate a custom chat bot that could make product recommendations based on purchase history and if a new customer, how they would describe their body like slim or athletic and brands and sizes currently wear.
Fingers crossed, I can figure out how to complete the assignments without experience in Data Science, Python or Pytorch. And if I get stuck, hoping the community might be able to help support me.

Hey @Lori_Ryan,
Welcome, and we are glad that you could become a part of our community :partying_face:

Definitely! To quote J.K. Rowling,

Help will always be given at DLAI to those who ask for it


That is an ambitious project. Much of that has already been happening for years, it is the core behind online shopping recommendations. The new twist is integrating a chatbot. But be advised chatbots are notorious and convincing liars. Much activity right now is trying to address these issues. It is difficult to contribute without the programming and AI skills. It may be too early to expect immediate success.

Thanks Elemento. That’s great to hear. Setting aside time this weekend for the first exercise.

I agree. My goal right now is just to learn and try to understand what’s going on behind the scenes and if I would ever be able to create a proof of concept for potential generative AI business applications.