Exercise 3 - get_tokenized_data C2_W3

Hi @Deepti_Prasad I am passing 3 and failing 3 even though i am impleementing everything correctly. Please check it out

You cannot be sure that you are implementing everything correctly, most probably not!

From what I see your mistake is you are not converting in lower case the characters! In the tokenize_sentences function previous to this, there is line of code needed to do that! Try to insert that in there and see what happens.

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Hi @Del_Ali

Did you check what @gent.spah is stating with lower case you seem to be not implementing it correctly and also if you check in one of the test where you failed the expected output only wants the mentioned statement but your output seems to include the whole vocabulary, so check if no global variabes are used in your codes.


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Found it.
I wasn’t using he split function and tokenize functions declared earlier
Thanks for the help