Exercise 5 of programming assignment of DLS course 1 week 2

The propagate exercise cell is showing a syntax error for some reason. It is showing syntax error no matter what I write. I am posting a photo of this. Can somebody help me ?

Hi @Nimish1 and welcome! You are on the right track, but you have a couple of parentheses mismatches. An extra parenthesis is causing the syntax error. Another parenthesis issue is inconsistent with the proper execution of the function. Please study the cost function expression in the preamble to the exercise.

Also, please refrain from posting your code block in future posts. Limit yourself to the traceback, i.e. the sequence of error messages. We like the community to stay as close it can to the Coursera Code of Conduct which prohibits students from sharing their work. Thanks!

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Thank you ! I will take care of that.