### Exercise 5 - propagate W2

Exercise 5 - propagate

Thk for any help

Hi @Luca_De_Renzo

You need to rerun the code cell from start to bring in all the library functions to the execution environment.

Exercise 6 - optimize

def optimize(w, b, X, Y, num_iterations=100, learning_rate=0.009, print_cost=False)

How can I define the num of iteration and especially the learning rate?
I think that in a real work environment I will be asked to find these 2 parameters, rather than finding them already as data, no?

Hi @Luca_De_Renzo ,

That is a very good question. In course 2 of this Specialization, Prof. Ng explained in length on how to improve deep learning neural network, and he discussed hyperparameters tuning as part of that series.

But with calculus formulas completely incomprehensible

That’s not the way to teach something throwing formulas as the millet to the chickens

Many thk

Hyperparameter tuning involves no calculus or formulas.
It’s simply an experimental method to vary the parameters until you get good enough results.