Exercise 6 and nn_model issues (Assertion Error)

I have tried both X.shape[0], Y.shape[0]; and np.size(X,0), np.size(Y,0), for n_x and n_y. The code still produces an error: Assertion Error when I run:

nn_model(X_multi_norm, Y_multi_norm, num_iterations=100, print_cost=True)

I have restarted and run the code many times.

Please help.
Thank you.

Does it give error about the matrix sizes?

Please see attached image.
And thank you for your help.

It appears that your function initialize_parameters does not initialize W in the correct shape.

Thank you Yagmur_Gulec and Mujassim_Jamal.
It works now - had to tweak the initialization phase.
Many thanks.