Exercise 7 - update_lr

issue with this exercise not giving proper output i have write code ic correct but output is not correct

Are you sure you re-executed the function cell after the last time you changed it? Just typing new code and then running the test cell that calls the function again runs the old code. Try “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output” and then “Cell → Run All”. Do you still get the wrong answer? If so, then it means your code is wrong, so now you need to carefully examine it to determine why. One common error is to get the “order of operations” wrong. Check your parens really carefully.

Try running the following code and watch what happens:

m = 5.
x = 1. / 2. + m
y = 1. / (2. + m)

If you’re expecting x and y to have the same value, you’re in for a big surprise. :nerd_face: