Exploring automation opportunities for companies

Hi everyone!

This is my first post on the discussion and it’s absolutely lovely to be a part of this community.

To all the Data/ML/AI engineers here, if a company approached you, say a company that works in Apparel Production & Outsourcing, and asked you to look at their business and identify areas/processes that can be automated, what’s the first thing that you would do? What information/data would you ask from the company? What would be your next steps?

Looking forward to knowing your perspectives!


First, find out what the legacy manual processing tasks cost, and look for the use cases that would provide the highest return. Determine which of these are regression or categorization opportunities Also, find out what data are “currently” available around these automation candidates that could be used to “cureate” features. I would start out with providing a proposal that would offer short term, medium and long term use cases because the decision makers would need to see an observable benefit in the short term.

Hi Fred,

Thank you so much! Your reply has helped me quite a bit in giving me a general overview of the steps.

Do you have any idea the kind of documents or data one could ask the company to figure out the legacy manual processes? Something like SOPs?